The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, March 03, 2006


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By Huggy Bear

Word on the Street is that the rift between the Boss-Man (Bobby M) and Harry/Dan is growing as fast as Mirch's pension. Don't know all the details yet but things are getting real ugly. This time it's not about who ate the last slice of pizza. Why the Mayor would take crap from Bobby is beyond me. The Conservative Line? For a man, some things are more important than ballot lines.

Word on the Street is that certain members of the Troy GOP(not with the initials MD) and certain Democrats have been approached about a possible run against Harry. Also, with the highly probable Democratic sweep this fall, certain Conservative Party leaders, as well and Independence Party leaders, are now cozying up to Democrats. It never hurts to have a back-up plan in politics. We won't say who's behind it all, because that's a big secret. Let's just say...

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Word on the Street is that a certain former council member, with the initials Jack Mahoney, is being considered for an administrative position. What position? Commissioner of Public Works. That's right. Although the odds are against it, the Conservatives could lose their automatic ballot line this fall. Things could really change around here. Remember, you heard it from HB.

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