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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Monday's Talespin was only slightly more confusing than the Linear B tablets (and we're not talking about the writing).

First, the ordinance:

"285-67 D Enlargement: Non-conforming uses may be enlarged only through the granting of a special use permit by the ZBA."

We thought the ordinance was ultimately for paving the way for jail expansion. We were wrong, bringing our accuracy rate down to 98.4% The ordinance is for anyone that qualifies for a special use permit. However, it looks as if it was introduced to allow the Taylor School to expand. The ordinance was introduced at the request of the Administration. The ordinance passed, 7-2, after an amendment, limiting the special use permit to those who hadn't expanded in the past five years, was added.

Harry vetoed the ordinance.

Why did Harry veto an ordinance introduced at the request of the Administration? Because of the amendment. The amendment would make the Taylor School ineligible for a special use permit.

The first issue is, why did no Council members ask what the ordinance was all about? It looks like they blindly voted for it. Then, the Council amended it in such a way that it was no longer useful. Hence the veto.

So, Dunne then asks DuBois if the ordinance can be rewritten to accommodate the Taylor School. Big deal. Dunne was only asking for what Harry wanted in the first place. Mayor Pattison's sister, Wendy, is the Executive Director of the school. Big deal. If the Taylor School is successful and wants to expand, why not write legislation that cuts them a break? Others could apply for the special use permit. It's not as if the ordinance would be written so only the Taylor School could get a special use permit. It's also not as if there's a huge stampede of Troy businesses looking to expand.

Sources close to the mayor also tell us that Harry wanted the legislation. Again, if the Taylor School needs to expand, he wants to help out. Why wouldn't the Mayor want to help a business that wants to expand?

Here's where things get bizarre. Dunne also suggested that the extra money that would come from the CDBG shell game be used to help out those damaged by the flooding of Old Sixth Avenue. It's an interesting suggestion. Maybe something can be done, maybe not.

Here's where we give Franco credit. It's rare when a reporter can get a quote from a public official that has his head so firmly wedged in his own ass (the acoustics tend to be bad). Crawley, of course.

Crawley calls Dunne 'partisan' because Wendy Pattison runs the Taylor School. The Deputy Mayor then goes on a rant that could only have been induced by a handful of valium and some fish paralyzers:

In response, Deputy Mayor Dan Crawley accused Dunne of engaging "in partisan politics."

"After talking to the planning people we did not think the ordinance was a good idea either, so Councilman Dunne was right, but now he wants to change it for one of his friends," Crawley said. "Here is Bill Dunne looking to help out a school that charges $8,000 per year when $8,000 would help out that whole (Old Sixth Avenue) neighborhood."

No, Dan. You have a private business that wants to expand. Why wouldn't everyone want to help out? Talespin opens with Dunne suggesting that you allocate a large chunk of money from your CDGB shell game to help people on Old Sixth Avenue. What does the tuition at the Taylor School have to do with it? Will you allocate that $8,000 from your precious CDBG money?

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Troy's Deputy Mayor comments

Did Harry want to help the Taylor School expand? If yes, great. Or maybe Harry vetoed the ordinance because it would help out a business managed by a Pattison. Is that not partisan? Personally, we think the ordinance was bad because it gave too much power to non-elected officials. That's beside the point. It's a private business that looks to be successful. For the record, we don't think Harry vetoed it because of any Pattison connection. He vetoed it because Taylor would no longer be eligible. It doesn't really matter. Either way, Crawley's comment suggests a man in acute distress. It's completely nonsensical and it explains why he's been kept on a short leash lately.

The 'partisan' comment is classic Crawley and one has to wonder why any reporter continues to print the nonsense that spews from the hole below Crawley's upper lip. Crawley's denigration of partisanship is also confusing. After all, it's the only way he stays employed.

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