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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Apparently, many of our MENSA readers missed the point of Monday's post.

MAPTAF can buy or sell whatever property they want for as much profit as possible. We wish them well. We wish they had received $263,000 on that sale. This is America after all.

But, for those who have expressed such disdain for Not-For-Profits, your enthusiasm for this random act of capitalism is perplexing. Many of you have expressed the opinion that NFP's are destroying Troy. Now, Mirch's righthand man, is selling property to those same NFP's that are destroying Troy.

Simultaneously, Joseph's House wants to use property it owns to shelter the homeless. Well, heaven forbid, that will bring ruin upon the city: fire, brimstone, a plague of locust (cats and dogs living together). So, it is fine to sell to the NFP's but when the NFP's want to use their property the end of the world is at hand?

Mirch, MAPTAF, our County Legislators, all of them, are laughing their way to the bank on your dime (where do you think Vesta gets its funding). More and more NFP's come in to Troy while your taxes go up. We're happy for them and we hope they milk dry all of their loyal supporters. Someone once said, "It's a sin to let a sucker keep his money." We're very much opposed to sin.

Now, if a house on Douw goes for $163,000, imagine what a house on Woodrow Court goes for. Nice neighborhood, School 18 for the kiddies. Hell, Deputy Dan lives right around the block.

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That house, 8 Woodrow Court, is listed at $163,900. At first we thought we'd use it for a comparison. Then we thought, what the hell. Great neighborhood, a decent price, in the best school district. Hopefully, one of you are looking for a place and this might suit your needs. It ain't Douw but it ain't half bad. Call a broker.

There's another nice looking home on Rankin at #53. They're asking under $155,000. If you're interested, call a broker.

Why does God hate our water mains?

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