The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, March 04, 2005


When talking about Republicans in Troy that is sometimes a difficult question to answer (see Times Union, Sunday, February 20th 2005).

Tom Casey is a Troy Fireman (a noble profession). David Mitchell is City of Troy Corporation Counsel (enough said). Casey is slated to be the head of the Republican Committee in Troy but had questions about a possible conflict. You see, city party officers are not supposed to be city employees.

Casey says he received the OK from Mitchell. Mitchell says he did not speak to Casey about the issue. Essentially, Mitchell is calling Casey a liar. Obviously, someone's lying. Is it Mitchell or Casey? It must be rather embarassing for the Republicans. Either their Corporation Counsel is lying or their City Chair.

One has to wonder why Mitchell would call Casey a liar in any event. He could have said, "Mr. Casey is mistaken," or "Mr. Casey is confused." Instead he opted to call him a liar. Interesting.

As an aside, wasn't it Mitchell who authored an amendment to Public Officers Law that would prevent the city from defending and indemnifying city employees for the mere allegation of intentional wrongdoing (including defamation). Boy, that could have come back to bite him on the ass.

Now, for the answer to Mr. Casey's question. It's hard to find, being hidden in that rarely followed document known as "CODE OF THE CITY OF TROY, NEW YORK" (Sec 43-6).


POLITICAL PARTY OFFICER -- Any person serving or acting as the Chair, Vice Chair, First Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer or equivalent officers by whatever name or title known of any political party or committee organized for the purpose of nominating persons for elective office in the government of the City of Troy.


No political party officer shall be employed by the City of Troy. Any offer of employment with the City which is tendered to a person who is a political party officer shall be made in writing and shall contain a requirement that resignation from such political party office is a condition precedent to the effectiveness of such offer of employment. Prior to commencement of such employment, the appointing authority must file a copy of such offer of employment together with a copy of such letter of resignation from party office with the City Clerk.

Come on guys, it's just not that difficult.

It's rather humorous. If Mitchell gave Casey the advice, he's lying and he's wrong. If Casey didn't speak with Mitchell about this issue, he really should speak with someone about the obvious illegality of holding both positions simultaneously.

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