The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


In a recent trip to City Hall, I couldn't help notice that the employee's lunchroom is in dire need of some renovations. We all know that Mayor Pattison cared little for anyone, but what about Harry? Why does Harry allow such a condition to exist. Water stains on the ceiling, a moldy, water-stained carpet, that smell! Simply unacceptable.

I did enjoy Mr. Crawley's office, or what I could see of it with the door ajar. I may be somewhat critical of Deputy Dan, but a man that likes the Yankees so much must have some decent qualities (or at least one).

Does Corporation Counsel David B. Mitchell tape his phone calls? That's what one ex-employee told the Troy Polloi. Imagine the paranoia. Some enterprising Democrat should FOIL those tapes. That could be interesting. Perhaps we could get a 'Best of Dave Mitchell' CD. A perfect Democratic fundraising tool.

Speaking of Corporation Counsel, word is that Harry is concerned about the RJ Carignan lawsuit. So much so that he's taken the defense away from Mitchell and is seeking outside counsel. After some inquiries, that's not such a bad move. The general consensus in the legal community is that Corporation Counsel's Office is no match for Joshua Sabo, attorney for Carignan.

Speaking of lawyers, DA Trish DeAngelis almost blew another one. Heckstall almost got a mistrial because chatty Trish can't follow Judge McGrath's rulings. We can't believe it, but it makes us long for the days of Ken Bruno.

Finally, some story ideas for The Record (once again):

1. Has Messick received the appropriate work permits for her home renovations?

2. Did David Mitchell receive unauthorized pay raises in 2004?

3. Was RJ Carignan & Co. bilked out of its commission?

4. Are Kathy Jimino and Mary Donohue the same person?

5. Will more Record reporters go to work for the Republicans?

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