The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yesterday, a choked-up, 48-year old prostitution client admitted that he was governor of New York State. The news shocked family, friends and colleagues.

According to sources, "John", Eliot Spitzer, lived a double-life: Soliciting high-priced prostitutes at night while all the while governing the Empire State.

Said one anonymous friend: "Submitting budgets, sparing with legislators, appointing state officials...that's not the Eliot I know."

Spitzer's Emperor Club associate, Kristen, described the revelations as tragic. "I should have known better," said the prostitute. "He was into some real kinky stuff. He always wanted me to dress-up like a foreigner. Then we'd go down to DMV to apply for a drivers license. Sometimes he'd make me wear a grey wig and call me Senator Joe."

It is not yet known if Spitzer will resign from the Emperor's Club.

Meanwhile, we'll be covering this story from all angles.

Coming up.....

What Did the Governor Know and When did He Know it?

Did the Governor use Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Will New York See More Jobs Shipped Out of State?

and we'll talk with Rensselaer County prostitutes and get their reactions.

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