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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Harry and the gang appear increasingly desperate to recapture the political narrative. To accomplish this the Mayor has:

1) Closed the SEFCU deal?

2) Agreed to crack down on negligent landlords?

3) Proposed an investigation into First Amendment violations by Code Enforcement?

4) Obtained a $3.3 million dollar settlement from the City of Rensselaer?

5) Written letters?

If you said're a winner. In order to gain some traction the Mayor spent Friday, March 14, sequestered in his office with Rich Crist. Were they working on anything substantive? Anything that might benefit the City? Any new ideas or proposals? No, they were.....writing letters to The Record. The Administration's newest offensive has been nothing short of flaccid and frankly, has left us unsatisfied.

Yesterday afternoon the Administration's political impotence continued:

Sorry for the small print. Here's a close-up:

This is the first step in the attempt to de-revoke the revoked pay raises for Deputy Mayor Crawley, DPW Commissioner/County Legislator/Bruno Liaison Bob Mirch, Corporation Counsel David B. Mitchell etc.

Specifically, the Mayor seeks a Temporary Restraining Order that would prevent Ordinances #5 and #6 from coming within 100 feet of City Hall, the Mayor or Dave Mitchell's paycheck.
If granted, the Ordinances would also have to attend Salary Readjustment Sensitivity Training.

With a looming recession* you would think the Mayor may have more important things to do. Or not.

Since you can't please all of the people all of the time, it looks like the Administration's new policy is to please eight people all of the time. Eight down, 47,529** to go.

Chet Hardin at Metroland had the story first. Here's The Record's take.

It's a great show. And admission is free.

*Loom sales have plummeted in recent months
** Population adjusted for inflation

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