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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Let us begin by saying that the e-mail posted yesterday was.....not real. We received e-mails asking us about its authenticity. The header on the e-mail was real. Those were the addresses on Dunne's e-mail. The text of yesterday's e-mail was pure fiction, as far as we know.

Moving on...


Harry and Chappy met and will continue to meet periodically. Not a bad sign at all.

Tutunjian agreed the meeting when well.

“I explained to him the importance of having good communication,” said the mayor, who’s pointed out repeatedly that the Democrats haven’t talked to him in the past.

It's quite breathtaking, isn't it? Harry still throws out that old canard that "Democrats wouldn't meet with him." And the media still prints that mantra. Now, of course, good communication is important....for Harry.


At Monday's Finance Committee meeting, Councilmen Mark Wojcik and Mark McGrath (hereinafter The Marks) questioned the $5,000 raise proposed for Legislative Assistant Vic DeBonis.

A Legislative Assistant who is also an attorney is worth an extra $5,000. The Council can always pay for it with a budget amendment that moves money from, say, the Mayor or Deputy Mayor's office.

As for The Marks questioning the raise? Good. You know what? When you're in the minority it's your job, your duty, to ask questions and keep an eye on those in power. We're not going to devote The Troy Polloi to whacking three Councilmen who have little or no collective power. It's stupid. In fact, since this blog has always been more interested in sticking-up for the little guy, we may just keep an eye on how the minority councilmen are treated. With Campana running the meetings we have no reason to doubt they'll be treated with the respect elected officials deserve. We watched the Administration and certain GOP council members act irate when the Democratic minority dared to speak. It was wrong then and it would be wrong now.

We know the example will be lost on the Administration but perhaps it won't be lost on future council members.


According to The Record and the Times Union, Deputy Mayor Dan Crawley is one of Harry's picks to sit on the Committee that will review the sale of City Hall.

We like this pick. Crawley, if he takes it seriously, can add a lot to this process. After all, he works in the building day in and day out. He may also be able to move the process along.

It's inconceivable that they won't determine the building should be sold. The real issue will be how.

Finally, we hate to pile on this guy but we are only 9 days into '08 and may already have the headline of the year.

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