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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


It looks like the "Rescind the Pay Raises" movement may be dead. We're not sure why. It may have something to do with another "explosive" e-mail sent by Councilman Bill Dunne (4th District).

As you know, Dunne sent an e-mail to the Democratic members of the Troy City Council that attached a proposed resolution that would amend the Non-Rep policy and rescind the 2008 pay raises the outgoing Council doled out to political appointees.

Dunne referred to this as the "Punishment" version. We are not sure why Dunne referred to this as the "Punishment" version of the Non-Rep policy. It may have something to do with the fact that rescinding a pay raise is not a reward.

Now, another explosive e-mail has surfaced. One where Dunne actually describes the "punishment." If there are children in the room, please ask them to leave. It ain't pretty:

On a more serious note, this entire episode screams for an investigation. Perhaps a Grand Jury?


1) The City Council has no authority over the budget or salaries;
2) Civil Rights were violated by a proposed change that singles out one person;
3) Mirch, Crawley, Mitchell...are employees....

Of course, we joke because Mirch's righteous indignation is joke-worthy.

We can't blame the media for running with this as it's great fun. It would be nice if they pointed out the various ways that this Administration has "punished" people and business such as Carignan, DeSeve and others. Particularly DeSeve, who was singled-out for punishment days after after he criticized three Tutunjian appointees. Of course, the DeSeve incident involved the First Amendment not something as important as appointed officials and their money. A follow-up story on what's going on with the Code violation issued to DeSeve would be nice. Has it died "on the vine" to avoid a Civil Rights suit against the City?

Also, keep an eye on the bidding process in the South Troy Gateway Project. We won't make a Federal case out of it but could that be more "punishment?"

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