The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, December 31, 2007


Finally, the readers chance to weigh-in on some of the weightier issues of the day. Feel free to show your work and remember, eyes on your own paper.

Most Interesting Race(s)
McNally v Cholakis
Tutunjian v Conroy
Secor v Lemka
Troy City Council Race
North Greenbush Races
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Biggest Election Upset
Troy City Council
Zalewski v Krogh
Galuski v Collier
McNally v Cholakis
Mahar v -----------
Campana v Bauer (Council President)
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Biggest Clusterf**k
Sale of Troy City Hall
South Troy Gateway Project
Response to February 14 Snow Storm
Rensselaer County Legislature
Administration v Troy Police Department
Centanni, Bouchard & O'Neil & City Hall
Prosecution of Jerry Jones ("YouTube")
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Best Scandal
DeSeve Graffiti/Sign Scandal
Tom Wade & Grand Jury
City Hall Porn
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Best Run Campaign
McNally - District Attorney
Cholakis - District Attorney
Tutunjian - Troy Mayor
Conroy - Troy Mayor
Democrats At-Large - Troy
Republicans At-Large - Troy
Lemka - Supervisor, Schodack
Evers & Co. - North Greenbush
Greenbush Party - North Greenbush
Wojcik - Troy 1st District
McGrath - Troy 2nd District
Ryan - Troy 3rd District
Dunne - Troy 4th District
Zalewski - Troy 5th District
Galuski - Troy 6th District
Shannon - County Leg. District 4
Consuello - Troy Mayor
Abate - Troy Mayor
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Best Political Reporter
Jim Franco
Shawn Charniga
Chet Hardin
Kenneth Crowe
Bob Gardinier
Lou Dobbs
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Best Political Coverage - Troy/Rensselaer County
Troy Record
Times Union
Troy Polloi
The Watchtower
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Best Looking Politician
Mark McGrath
Harry Tutunjian
Bob Mirch
Bill Dunne
John Brown
Carolin Collier
Maria Talarico
Kathy Jimino
Can't Remember Her Name but...
Not That One, The Really Hot One
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