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Thursday, December 20, 2007


The final results in Districts 4,5,6


Given the size of upstate congressional districts (the 20th stretches from the Canadian border to Minnesota), we no longer consider such races merely local. Nonetheless, we may as well touch on the upcoming '08 race.

The race for the 20th Congressional District is on! How do we know? Republicans are spending money and Democrats are having sex.

Republicans are not exactly falling over themselves to take on incumbent, Kirsten Gillibrand, despite a party enrollment vastly in their favor.

Two names have emerged: former Secretary of State Sandy Treadwell and Rich Wager, a lawyer and...(gulp) MBA. Treadwell has already taken to the airwaves, running his first commercials.

Treadwell's main qualification is having more money than brains. Nationally, the GOP is turning to candidates that can self-finance campaigns. A sign that they predict a poor '08 showing? Aside from money, Treadwell was also New York State Secretary of State. His major accomplishment? Brokering a lasting peace between Vermont and New Hampshire. On the downside, Treadwell almost single-handidly destroyed the efficient GOP machine built by Bill Powers.

We know little about Wager, except what we've learned from his website. Wager is scooping-up endorsements from numerous Conservative committees.

Wager has a clean-cut, all-American, 'young man in a hurry' image that aches for a scandal, possibly involving a hooker, a midget or donkey. Or perhaps all three.

In the meantime, incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand has also kicked into campaign mode.

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