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Friday, April 13, 2007


Yesterday, Judge Patrick McGrath appointed the Albany County District Attorney to investigate Intimigate.

The matter will likely be handled by the office's Public Integrity Unit. The retaliatory complaints against three Democrats will also be investigated. However, given the timing of the complaints made against City Councilman Campana, County Legislator O'Brien and Legislative Minority operative Sue Steele, and the fact that on their face, the allegations don't amount to a crime, we all know where the SP will set his/her sights.

McGrath could have appointed a private attorney to handle Intimigate. Instead, he upped the stakes by handing this matter off to Soares office. The Public Integrity Unit is something of a showpiece over on the left bank. Soares made the unit a priority when he ran for office. They regularly utilize the PIU and have had great success. The attorneys in the PIU also know what they're doing. Albany County is the venue for more than just local, political corruption. The PIU gets to go after big, state-level, fish as well. Best of all, we won't get a super-sized bill from a private attorney.

Things should get interesting. We haven't seen Regan's recent affidavit but hope to have it for next week. With Soares office in the mix you're going to see some tired people walking around the county building today. It's hard to catch some Z's when you're being investigated.

And, it's not just those named. There's a very good chance that this will lead to something far more serious, involving people who have not yet been mentioned.

You can catch WTEN's story, here and Franco's story, here. *


Many of you are the parents of children. Many of those children have never resided outside of Rensselaer County. This may be a confusing time for them. We're here to help.

1. Explain that the phrase Public Integrity is part of the English language and not made up.

2. Answer any questions they may have. Explain to them that Public Integrity is not a potty phrase and they will not be punished for saying Public Integrity.

3. Let them know that they are not in trouble and the Special Prosecutor only eats bad politicians, not children.

4. Hug them and tell them you love them. Counselling is available. Contact us.

*If you go to WTEN's site, check out the Aretakis story.

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