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Friday, April 20, 2007


A bit of Friday Fun from P.E. Abyssus.

By Politicus Ebonus Abyssus

Tom Casey, Troy City Republican Chairman, City Ethics Board member, and a city employee is, if nothing else, entertaining and much political fodder. This time Casey was helped along by Democratic political operatives. In a clandestine operation envied by even the most ardent James Bond fans, we obtained the notes that Casey read from at the recent City Council meeting.

In the City Council meeting, Casey began his oratorical tour de force with “Where do I begin?” The notes we found started with, “Where to begin.” Coincidence? Maybe. Secondly, and more interesting, the notes were written on an action team brochure. To be fair, however, you should judge for yourself whether these are Casey’s notes or not. We’ve included the brochure, with the hand written notes, to assist you in reaching a conclusion.

Let’s play devil’s advocate: This could be a left-wing conspiracy to besmirch Mirch and make Casey look like a fool, tool (or both). A Republican-hating leftist Democrat or Working Families Party member (Casey indicated they were one in the same) went to the meeting, took a brochure to further implicate City Hall, and took notes on what Casey said, including the riveting opening of “Where do I begin?” This left-wing conspirator also knew enough not to take notes of anything said by individuals before or after Casey, including 3-Job Bob, to keep the ruse alive. This left-wing conspirator then gave us these notes.

There could be, however, an alternative theory based on a right-wing conspiracy to discredit the Democrats and the Working Families Party and deflect attention from Intimigate. Casey outlined a number of facts at the City Council meeting that he could not have known based on his current jobs with the City. In this theory, Casey talked with 3-Job Bob, Deputy Dan, or someone else in the administration, grabbed an action team brochure off someone’s desk, and took notes on it.

Also supporting the right-wing conspiracy theory are notes themselves. The notes indicated that the Working Families Party at the City Council meeting “looks very white, very educated, ” and then included what Casey actually said at the City Council meeting, that “the vast makeup of the party couldn't make it tonight because they are low-income minorities in the housing projects in Troy.” There are no reasons to write down information that wasn’t said, indicating that these were speaking notes rather than summary notes.

It is also interested that Casey would make disparaging remarks about the Working Families Party. Didn’t 3-Job Bob and friends attempt to take over the Working Families Party last year? I guess this is a case of if you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em. But I digress.

Based on the information, it is up to you, the reader, to decide whether these are Casey’s notes or not. My money is on Casey. But, I tend to evaluate the information and ignore the extraneous noise. Thanks Mr. Casey for amusing us again.

Thank you, P.E. Abyssus.

A few observations. Uh, where to begin?

1. Who has to write down "Where to begin?" Most can improvise that opening quite nicely.

2. "This group of WF looks very white, very educ" (or very Gouc?). We think it's 'Gouc'. We saw the WF's present and they did have a certain Goucocity about them. And they were not just white, but very white. We suspect a few were actually albinos (perhaps Gouc albinos).

3. Is it just us or does it say, "This is Zodiac speaking," somewhere in those notes?

Here's the transcript of the best apology since Plato: Take it away Mr. Casey!


My name is Tom Casey, 82 Fonda Avenue.

Where do I begin?

I look at the, uh, parts of this allegation, and I've decided, uh, I added it up. I think if this were to be true Mr. Mirch and Mr. Crawley would owe the city about five or six dollars. They rode back and forth from the county building, and used a phone. Five or six dollars. It's funny, not to be picky, but the e-mail to call people to this meeting was sent by a man DeSeve whose family stole over two hundred thousand dollars from the taxpayers and has yet to return it as I believe. So, it's interesting.

I just want to say something that these individuals didn't seem to mind Bob and the way he played his game when he was a Democrat. They also seem to have a problem with parties taking over other parties, but we all know that Eddie McDonough and the Democrats ran these parties for years and years and years before the Republicans ever thought of doing it, and there wasn't a word to be said. That's just another interesting note.

Just on the Working Families Party in general. They were started and still are basically a whole subsidiary of the Democratic Party. I can't ever remember them endorsing a Republican around here. If you look at the people who are here representing the Working Families Party, apparently the vast makeup of the party couldn't make it tonight because they are low income minorities in the housing projects in Troy. Empowering these people or using them, I would say the latter. So they're not exactly on the up-and-up.

Just a word about this woman who they're hanging everything on with these allegations. This woman had no problem with going over and accusing one of the council people of ??? phone call, sexual harassment, and now she throws it out again. I think that goes to the credibility.

As far as political work. If you are with a political party, you are not forced to work, you want to work. And it's for selfish reasons. It's called money. If you have a job from a political party and you do not work and no one else works in the party, your party will lose and you will lose your job. So I'm sure she was a willing participant in keeping her job and putting money in her pocket.

And like I said, she throws around sexual harassment allegations like it's nothing. She doesn't know whether this gentleman that she made those phone-- supposedly made those phone calls for -- was guilty of that, but she had no problem with that. I guess she learned well what a tool throwing around sexual harassment was.

But at any rate, that's all I had to say, and thank you.

No, Mr. Casey, thank you!

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