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Monday, December 18, 2006


In the wake of several questionable police interrogations, Troy is may revive the Police Objective Review Committee (PORC).

A PORC, better known as a Civilian Review Board, analyzes complaints and police procedures and then makes watered-down recommendations that are ignored. So basically, it reviews what the police do, how they do it and then offers advice. It's like giving the police a Mother-in-Law.

We don't like feel-good measures with no teeth and giving a committee of citizens 'teeth' is never a good idea. A person may be smart: a committee is rarely smart. The intelligence and wisdom of committees never equals the sum of its parts.

A PORC is a way to make people feel involved without actually giving them any involvement of a consequential nature. If there's a problem in the police department, or any department, that's serious enough to be brought to the attention of a PORC, then it's serious enough to be addressed by City Hall or our City Council. That's what they're elected to do, isn't it?

This proposal is designed to shield Harry and Collier from addressing the problem in the detective bureau. They do not have the balls to criticize a police officer or two because they see that as criticizing the police. And criticizing the police may make the police angry. And they may cause trouble at the next election. That's the way political hacks think.

Let the police conduct the investigation. If that goes nowhere, let the Council investigate and do their job. If Collier can't, let some else do her job for her. The police do not need to worry about a group of civilians looking over their shoulder. They have bosses for that. If that fails, judges will toss cases. If all else fails, juries will toss cases.

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