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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Our Joe Bruno? Under investigation?

We know Joe doesn't like the Time Union so, lets just say that according to Capital News 9:

Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is being investigated by the FBI in regards to business dealings involving his consulting firm.

Senator Bruno said he was notified by the FBI about the inquiry into his private consulting firm back in the spring. But it wasn't until the story was leaked to the media that he came forward.

Bruno said, "I wanted to be up front and assure that I have nothing to hide to avoid speculation, unfounded rumors, distortions."

He wanted to be up front about it? Months after the fact? Isn't that like a guy getting caught cheating and then admitting it?

Anyway, there's absolutely no cause for concern. Such probes are common with a man Joe's age. If something is wrong, you want it caught early. Treatment is much more successful if it's caught early. And please, all of you, avoid speculation, rumor and distortions.

Great Album cover of the day, sent in by an alert reader:

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