The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, April 05, 2006



Everyone knows that area Assemblyman Pat Casale is, in many ways, challenged. Now he may face a primary challenge. The challenger is from Bethlehem and one has to wonder if the newer, more sophisticated part of Casale's district is trying to flex it's muscle. Casale is probably safe, which is a good thing. Casale does good work. Or did. Who can forget the days when you could buy cheap pints and loose cigarettes from his liquor store (not to mention over-priced Chianti).

We'd like to see Mayor Tutunjian eventually replace Casale so we hope the primary challenge fails. We feel, in all honesty, that Harry embodies all the traits and qualities that would make him an outstanding New York State, GOP, Assemblyman. And we really mean it.


Looks like the City Council will vote on the new Junk Car Ordinance this week. And, it looks like the ambiguous language has been removed, meaning that it will pertain to junk cars, not all cars. Sounds like some people thought about it and didn't want to give His Mirchness carte blanche. Or maybe it was that whole pesky, property rights thing. Anyway, congratulations on a job well-done.


Dowd has a piece on Troy's iron industry heritage. He doesn't suggest changing Troy's nickname, The Collar City, but does want to honor our iron heritage. As everyone knows, Troy is called "The Collar City" because of the number of arrests that occur each year.

That's not true. Troy is called "The Collar City" because the city was once a leading manufacturer of..............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Dowd's wrong. Let's change the nickname. Collar City sucks. Personally, we like City of Big Shoulders but our legal department says that's taken.

Let's change Troy's nickname. Please choose one of the following. The selection that gets the most votes will become the new city nickname.

1) The Gateway to Lansingburgh;

2) Dworsky's Folly;

3) The Iron Collar City (covering both bases);

4) Where Henry Hudson Turned Around;

Leave your suggestions in the comments section or in an e-mail and we'll announce the winner whenever we feel like it.

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